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3000+channels including

Local & Pay-Per-View for

only $19.99 Per Month!! Call (205)440-3406 to sign up TODAY! (US and International customers accepted. Must have an  wi-fi/hotspot or Ethernet connection and a "firestick"type USB device.


Legal & Identity Theft Membership Services protection for you and up to 8 family members (including students attending out-of-state colleges), for as little as $24.95 Per Month and $9.95 Per Month. Available in the U.S. ,Canada, and the U.K. Go to our website to get the facts and please view our videos as well.

High quality health supplements designed to enhance and strengthen your immune system.  Go to the website to see the videos and buy TODAY!

Affordable, quality used cars for as little as

$1000.00 Down and $100.00 per week with no credit check!  Call (205) 440-3406 for an appointment today!

Black Livez

Producing talk shows for the  #ADOS  (Black)  American audience that is designed to address specific issues that can have impact on their daily life (Coming soon to the Grapevine Radio Network).